The Incredible Beauty of the Super-Slow Barrier Reef

There is an entire world of life that only becomes visible when you speed up time itself, as PHD student Daniel Stoupin showed when we took over 150,000 beautiful HD color photographs of coral, and turned them into this majestic work of beauty:

Daniel Stoupin created this video by combining over 150,000 still photos.

All the colors are real. There are no digital enhancements.

It took Daniel 9 months of trying to develop his time-lapse methods.

The future of the Great Barrier Reef hangs in the balance. Daniel’s video hopes to draw attention to its beauty.

Daniel had this to say on his blog:

When I first heard about this type of “slow” existence I realized how little separates the part of the universe that we classify as life and inanimate one. My time-lapse inspired imagination started drawing unusual scenarios in which one can start perceiving a bacterium that divides once every 10000 years as alive. At such rates you could see mountains rise, landscapes flow like waves in the ocean, and patterns of night sky change as stars revolve around the center of the galaxy.

This video is not only beautiful to watch – it shines a light on the fragile majesty of the delicate coral reef environments, which are under constant danger from human activity. If more people saw this video, we might appreciate the true value of these creatures. If you want to help save the Great Barrier Reef,  contribute here, or share this video with your friends!

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