Look Out! On the Starboard Side… What is THAT?

On an otherwise calm Wednesday evening off the coast of Australia, tugboat worker Brett Martin was going about his business, when he looked off the starboard side and saw the most frightful thing advancing toward him on the horizon… What was it?

Imagine looking up to see THIS coming on the horizon…

Tugboat operator Brett Martin photographed this terrifying sight off the coast of Australia…

It was a massive dust storm, capped with a solid white shelf cloud!

It was blown out to sea after wreaking havoc on the main land.

The dust storm system was so huge, it stretched from end-to-end over the horizon.

It’s incredibly rare for dust storms to combine with white-shelf cloud formations like this. This massive storm was so powerful, it created its own weather! While I’m sure he was more concerned with his own personal safety at the time,  by taking these pictures, Brett Martin captured a meteorological phenomenon for the record books!

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