Ever Wondered How Much Farther Your Dog Hikes?

Wow! All those zigs and zags really add up! Next time you are out for a hike with your dog, remember how much farther they go. What amazes me is that my dog would probably still have boundless energy after a hike like this.

This is What Happens When You Build a Cube Out of One Way Mirrors

This is one of those art projects that I could probably stare at for hours, losing myself inside it. The design collective Numen for Use created a 3D box of one-way mirrors, which also expands and contracts when inflated. The results are nothing short of awe-inspiring! This cube is made out of one way mirrors....

13 Awesome Sand Castles

Remember when you were a kid, and making sand castles was the best thing on earth? Well artist Calvin Seibert never stopped making sand castles, and in these 13 photos, you can see that he's developed a certain style. There's something about the smooth lines, geometric shapes, and simple patterns that caught our eye. We...

This Cell Phone Saved a Worker’s Leg From a Chain Saw

This employee at a phone store had no idea this could happen… The phone’s case was completely destroyed, and some of the camera and lens was damaged, but after a quick repair, the camera, the phone, and the landscaper all came out well in the end.

Tree Camping! Are you Brave Enough?

Here’s something to add to your bucket-list: tree-camping. If you find yourself in Bavaria, Germany seeking a night’s thrill, check out Waldseilgarten, where you can spend the evening sleeping high up off the ground in suspended canopy platforms.