Snapdragons Make Cute Flowers, But When They Die… They Turn Into Creepy Skulls!

The snapdragon plant is a favorite plant for many gardeners, but not everyone knows about the darker side these plants contain, once the seed pods have been dried out…

Snapdragon flowers are beautiful when in bloom, but when the seed pods dry, something more sinister appears…

The dried seed pods clearly resemble tiny skulls!

These skulls are oddly human-looking…

Ancient cultures once thought snapdragons held supernatural powers.

The tiny skulls were believed to protect against sorcery, witchcraft, and curses.

They were even thought to contain anti-aging powers!

Carl Sagan once hypothesized that we as humans are hard-wired to recognize human faces in places where they don’t actually exist. That may be the case here, but it’s also hard to deny the resemblance! Truly freaky!

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